E.L.S.E. goes beyond footwear with 'virtual couture'

Disruptive Fashion Tech at Smart Retail Now

After an exciting and action-packed start to the year, having participated at MICAMSIMAC and Microsoft Forum, ELSE Corp is now ready for a commercial launch of their footwear solution else.shoes™, and to step into the global Fashion Apparel space. The startup will be participating at Smart Retail NOW: “a meeting point for retailers, mass retailers, operators who sell products and services to consumers and suppliers of innovative digital technologies” on Tuesday, March 21. The theme of the event is the “engagement of customers” and the general “customer experience” that is undergoing major changes thanks to the opportunities that new innovative digital technologies bring. At the event, ELSE Corp will be demonstrating E.L.S.E.™, their Cloud SaaS framework for Virtual Retail; the else.shoes™ platform that’s based on it and already on the market; and will introduce visitors to a preview of their new platform for the apparel industry: Virtual Couture Fashion.

21 MARCH 2017 
Via Giuseppe Eugenio Luraghi, 11
20020 Arese MI
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Smart Retail Now 2017
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WHAT we showED_videos

MyThierry & Virtual Couture

Hololens Experiments

VRxVR: Virtual Retail in Virtual Reality

Customer Journey: Footwear

Customer Journey: Apparel


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