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Business Internet Conference in Minsk

The 13-th annual conference 'Business Internet' will be held this year in Minsk on the 2-3rd of November (Prime Hall). Traditionally the conference is sponsored by the main Belarussian Internet portal TUT.BY.

'Business Internet' is the largest off-line event of the year for Belarussian Internet society and represents an important practical conference where participants may find answers for many issues related to handling business through the Internet.

During the event, Andrey Golub, ELSE Corp CEO, will be speaking about the "Technologies of the future in the world of Fashion and Design", in particular he will touch upon a range of topics such as 3D Fashion, Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0.


Технологии будущего в мире моды и дизайна- Virtual Couture Fashion, Andrey Golub- CEO ELSE Corp, ДИ-2018


Fashion & Retail, Future Reload: The Era of Cloud Manufacturing

FaceShoes- Shoe Your Selfie, powered by E.L.S.E. 

RoboShoe and RoboShop at SIMAC 2018 - powered by E.L.S.E.


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