Netcomm forum 2017

Gli store del futuro o il futuro degli store?

The stores of the future or the future of the stores?

At the Netcomm Forum 2017, Ivano Fossati Director EMEA Center of Excellence at SAP Hybris and Andrey Golub Co-Founder, CEO & CTO of ELSE Corp, spoke to the audience about how to transform a traditional physical experience into one that is physical and virtual.


Through the example of Fashion Retail and in particular, that of ELSE Corp's 'Virtual Retail', they explored with the audience how giving customers the opportunity to customize items in 3D can lead to knowing them better and can be used as a tool to contextualize their shopping experiences.

Through the talk, Golub introduced the audience to ELSE Corp's, Virtual Couture Fashion & VRxVR products and services.

Netcomm Forum

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