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Milan, 10 December 2019 - ELSE Corp - a Virtual Retail Company, an Italian start-up working on the development of the Virtual Retail platform and proposing a new Virtual Shopping experience in 3D, participated in the Mexico Footwear Innovation Week from 4 – 8 of November.

Mexico Footwear Innovation Week, hosted by CIATEC, Center for Applied Innovation in Competitive Technologies, is an international summit that brings professionals of the footwear industry together to discuss opportunities, challenges and new technologies driving the market. The event included visits to research facilities, meetings with Mexican footwear manufacturers and a series of Academy lectures.  


Mexico Footwear Innovation Week was inaugurated with the Conference “Digital Footwear End-to-End”. ELSE Corp’s CEO showcased the latest trends in the footwear field and explained the general scenario of innovative technologies which are being used in the industry. 

During the development of the Innovation Week, a series of Academy lectures were given by Andrey Golub. From cutting edge techniques for design, passing through retail innovations and Artificial Intelligence for Fashion, the topics were focused on the new tools and technologies that are shaping the footwear industry. The round of Academy lectures gathered executives from diverse footwear companies, eager to learn about the applications of AI, Virtual Retail, Digital Fashion and Industry 4.0. All the participants were granted certificates of the course completion at the end of the 12 - hour course. 


Later participants visited leading Mexican shoe factories, including Berrendo, a Top Mexican producer of safety shoes, and Flexi, one of the most successful brands in the world and the biggest footwear manufacturer in Mexico (18 Million pairs / year).


As a result of the visit, ELSE Corp signed a strategic collaboration with CIATEC, A.C.


About CIATEC, A.C. 

CIATEC was founded in 1976 to foster industrial development and improvement of the quality of lives through the application of science and technology. CIATEC’s mission is to help local companies generate competitive advantages through innovation and advanced technology. The main focus of the center is small businesses. Its portfolio of services offers technological projects, technological advice, human resources training, technological services. 

Photos from the event

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