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Powering the future of computer vision with synthetic data.

ELSE.ai is the Artificial Intelligence umbrella of ELSE, which covers all services, solutions, products (and visions), which are based on AI or uses it partially.


Stage: BETA

3D - to - ML​ is a service to provide solutions to different problems and products by generating synthetic data and simulated environments.

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3D Visual Search,  is an AI-based service for brands and retailers to offer their customers personal style recommendations in a multi-channel environment. 3D Visual Search (front-end) and MyStyle.ai (back-end) will bring to brands and retailers an AI based individual product style recommendations and customization service, based on a combination of ELSE Corp’s existing Cloud-based 3D Product Configurator platform and new Cognitive AI and Object Recognition APIs. Click here for more info.


DIY&AI™ is a front-end & UI SDK for individual style and size recommendation services, ‎extending and integrating the functionality of MyStyle.ai (part of ELSE.ai) and MySize.shoes (part of ELSE.shoes). DIY&AI™ is also one of the core services of Virtual Couture Fashion.

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PROJECT partners


Microsoft BizSpark
In May 2017 ELSE Corp advanced to the next stage in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE.
The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE is a $5 million competition, challenging teams globally to develop and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful AI technologies to tackle the world’s grand challenges.