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The Mass Customization Framework for Digital Transformation

The Mass Customization Framework (E.L.S.E.) embodies ELSE Corp's strategic vision for transforming fashion brands towards a market-driven, mass customization model. This comprehensive framework is powered by an end-to-end platform framework that seamlessly integrates with existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Data Management (PDM), and e-Commerce systems. It showcases ELSE Corp’s deep-rooted expertise in nurturing dynamic, consumer-centric product development and customization processes.

At the heart of this innovation lies the 3D Digital Lifecycle Management, a testament to ELSE Corp’s pioneering work in digital transformation, as highlighted in the “Virtual Couture Tech” vision. This element acts as the cornerstone, knitting together every facet of the platform, from the inception of design to the ultimate consumer engagement, and injects a novel layer to traditional TechPack and Product Analytics through the incorporation of comprehensive digital twins and product metadata.

Achieving Sustainable Mass CustomizatioN Logo

Central to ELSE Corp’s strategy is a design and production system that emphasizes production based on actual demand, significantly curtailing waste and ensuring alignment with consumer preferences and market trends. This approach is a beacon of the company’s commitment to cultivating a sustainable manufacturing ecosystem where the mantra of on-demand production minimizes overproduction.

Through the integration of 3D DLM, fashion brands are empowered to oversee digital twins and product metadata throughout the product's lifecycle, thereby not only guaranteeing sustainability and operational efficiency but also augmenting conventional TechPack and Business Intelligence Analytics with an abundance of data traversable across the product's lifecycle, from PDM through to PLM systems. This strategic concordance fosters a reactive and consumer-driven business model.

Central Integration Hub

The platform acts as a cohesive framework that ties together ELSE Corp's mass customization capabilities with PLM and eCommerce systems. 3D DLM serves as this hub, ensuring a unified flow of digital twins and product metadata across all modules, enhancing data consistency and enabling comprehensive extensions to PDM/ TechPack with additional, lifecycle-spanning metadata.

Extension for Brand's Management Systems

Integration through ePlatform extends the brand's existing PLM/PDM systems, enriching traditional BI & Analytical data with detailed digital twins and product metadata, providing a comprehensive view and control and optimization over the entire product lifecycle.

Smart Automation Workflows

Automated workflows streamline the customization process from design through production to retail, enhancing the agility of manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Cloud-Based Scalability

Utilize cloud infrastructure for scalability and flexibility, ensuring the platform can adapt to changing market demands and consumer preferences, with 3D DLM ensuring that digital assets are managed effectively to adapt to changing market demands and consumer preferences.

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