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ICOL Italia is the Artificial Intelligence R&D center of ICOL Group, an international group of companies with operations begun in 2017 and consolidated in 2019.
ELSE Corp is the strategic technological partner for ICOL Group in Italy, thanks to its innovative products and services, now the basis of ICOL's "Digital Twin" project, and especially for its research team and development, which has gained good experience in the last years with projects based on AI for design, retail and manufacturing.
ICOL Group mission is to create an innovative high-tech approach for factory floor automation and develop an AI-based industrial automation platform that enables customers to integrate robotics, logistics, and processes easily.
ICOL Group products are based on the most advanced automation and robotization technologies within Industry 4.0 framework, such as Computer Vision, Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin and Industrial IoT. 
ICOL Group develops a Digital B2B Ecosystem that brings together all participants in the fashion supply chain, from designers to manufacturers and retailers.
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