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Microsoft Forum 2017

The future of technology was envisioned at Microsoft Forum 2017 on the 8th of March in Milan, and ELSE Corp was a part of it! The Virtual Retail start-up was given a space named “Brand Experience Corner” in the Exhibition Area at Microsoft Forum, where they showcased their “3D Virtual Boutique” footwear solution (official name “”). 

ELSE Corp is part of Microsoft’s global acceleration BizSpark program and their main SaaS platform for mass customization E.L.S.E., Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience, is built around the Microsoft Azure cloud and services, as well as their ELSE-ware cloud hybrid manufacturing middle-ware and the “Universal 3D product configurator” UX API & SDK front-end for omni-channel retail applications, that integrates advanced 3D product visualization into any in-store personalization scenarios.

At the event, the startup also showed an Augmented Reality version of their 3D configurator, where customers could customise a shoe by pointing a tablet at different samples, accessories and physical materials and see their customized shoe visualized as an interactive high-quality 3D model on the mobile device. Visitors to the ‘Virtual Boutique’ also got a glimpse into the Mixed Reality ‘future of shopping’ concept being explored and developed at ELSE Corp, where customers can play with the colour and material options of the different shoes seen as holograms, by making simple gestures.

Official video from the event

ELSE Corp's Brand Experience Corner featured at 1:36 sec

photos from the event

what we've shown_E.L.S.E. 3d Configurator Preview 

WHAT we've shown_videos

Factory on demand 

Hololens Experiments

MyThierry & Virtual Couture

VRxVR: Virtual Retail in Virtual Reality

ELSE people getting things ready for MICROSOFT FORUM 2017

renders of the space
Renders of the space
Getting things ready
getting things ready
getting things ready
Making the Hololens Video
Setting up
Experience the future
Microsoft Forum 2017
Setting up
Setting up

spoke about microsoft forum 2017 & us

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