MTM Club (“Made to Measure Club”), is a unique multi-partners commercial B2B2C spin-off by ELSE Corp, aiming to create a directly managed Direct to Consumer VR Distribution & Sales Network for Niche Markets (such as Wedding, Gala, MySize, Business, Traditional, etc). Set to operate worldwide through its various regional sales partners - from local beauty salons, hotels, boutiques, specialized locations, niche retailers, to large luxury retail chains and distributors. ​

MTM Club could be seen as a “virtual retailer” powered by E.L.S.E. and managed directly by ELSE Corp and its partners. It is also set to provide a complete B2B2C service offer (from technology to operations, from sales to manufacturing integration) for ELSE Corp’s new and existing clients, to be cross-integrated with the main B2B service offer to the brands with owned VR Distribution. 


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