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Smart Shoes for a Smart City

Fera Libens powered by E.L.S.E. at Futura City Milano

Our latest collaboration with innovative, sustainable footwear brand Fera Libens took us to Futura City, Italy’s first national event on technology for the smart city.

Visitors were immersed in a reproduction of a 3.200 m.sq. smart city where homes, schools, offices, hospitals, banks, museums, green spaces and shops are all enhanced by technology and innovative solutions. And in this smart city, Fera Libens, powered by E.L.S.E., provided their special shoes, because to walk in a smart city, you need a pair of smart shoes.

The Milan based company’s shoes are 100% animal-free (vegan), created using alternatives to leather:microfiber and Alcanatara®. As stated by them, Fera Libens stands for ethics, aesthetics and quality. Strongly believing in the necessity of orienting consumer behavior towards a higher responsibility for the environment and animals, while valuing Italian traditional artistry and “gusto”, renowned and appreciated all over the world.

We share a similar ethos, with our concept of Virtual Retail, where products are made on-demand, tailor made and made to order. It is not only a smart strategy for the retail industry but also an eco-sustainable vision for the future or fashion and retail. In the words of the Co-Founder & CEO of ELSE Corp, Andrey Golub, “We believe that the future of quality and intelligent retail is all about on-demand and made to order models”. The company is focused on innovating within the 100% Made in Italy manufacturing industry for apparel and footwear, and enriching it by blending traditional methods with new technologies & business models.

The event took place at Eastend Studios, Via Mecenate 90, Milano on the 13th October 2016.

OTHERs present at the event

fera libens' virtual collection

Women's Collection

Men's Collection

screens from the 3d configurator

Selecting a Product to configure

Selecting a part of the shoe to configure

3d Preview Mode, to view the shoe from different angles

Selecting a material for the selected part

3d Preview Mode, for a detailed view of the selected material

Photos from the event

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