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microsoft retail day - russia and press CONFERENCE

MICROSoft retail day - Russia, 28 september 2017

ELSE Corp participated in the Microsoft Retail Day - Russia, on the 28th September. The event was held at "Nobu Moscow" where, apart from eating a delicious breakfast by the renowned chef, attendees spent several hours in a pleasant atmosphere, discussing the state of affairs in the industry, communicating with colleagues and experts from the largest Russian networks. ELSE Corp’s CEO, Andrey Golub and the company's Fashion and Style Manager, Alina Shagiakhmetova presented the company’s Virtual Retail strategy and technology, their plans for the Russian market and gave a live demo of their vertical solution for the footwear market, using as a best-in-class example the Virtual Boutique of the Faceshoes, a recently acquired high-value and high-potential brand-partner from Bologna, Italy.

Microsoft Retail Day
official press conference - Russia, 29 september 2017

The entire market launch operation in Russia was co-organized and co-marketed by Microsoft’s Russian office. Day two, comprised of a more educational event “Tech Couture & Virtual Shoes: Discussions about Fashion and Technology” and was considered the official launch of ELSE Corp on the Russian Market.

The event and the press conference that followed took place at another famous restaurant in the Russian capital, “Prostie Veschi”, where many opinion leaders from the Fashion and Retail industry were present, along with top fashion & retail journalists and editors, there to represent the most important and relevant magazines in print and online. 

The CEO, Andrey Golub and the Fashion & Style Manager of the company Alina Shagiakhmetova introduced the Russian market to ELSE Corp's offer through discussions and demos at the lively and bustling event. 

The Shopping Experience of the Future is already here: First Virtual 3D Boutique, powered by E.L.S.E. & Microsoft Azure
Our main event partners, FaceShoes
The 3D Retail Revolution
What does it take to completely disrupt the fashion industry?

photos from the event


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