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Stage: BETA

ELSE-ware represents a cutting-edge cloud-based framework, embodying the future of hybrid and distributed manufacturing for the apparel and footwear industries. Built upon the robust foundations of E.L.S.E., it serves as a versatile manufacturing 4.0 middleware, designed for seamless integration and extension. This innovative platform facilitates a bridge between creative design and agile manufacturing processes, enabling brands to achieve precision, scalability, and efficiency in custom order production.

Leveraging cloud technology, ELSE-ware introduces a dynamic ecosystem for managing the end-to-end hybrid manufacturing workflows. It integrates advanced capabilities such as Digital Twins, and AI-driven quality control systems, accelerating the transition to smart manufacturing environments, ensuring products not only meet the evolving demands of consumers but also adhere to sustainable manufacturing practices.


Incorporating ELSE-ware into Agile Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Integrating the concept of ELSE-ware within the Mass Customization Framework for Digital Transformation (E.L.S.E.) highlights a strategic approach to revolutionize the fashion industry. ELSE-ware's cloud-based framework facilitates a seamless bridge between creative design and agile manufacturing processes, emphasizing precision, scalability, and efficiency in custom order production. This integration plays a pivotal role in advancing smart manufacturing through cloud and hybrid manufacturing models, enhancing ELSE Corp's ability to deliver on the promise of mass customization.

key elements
ELSE Circle
Cloud-Based Hybrid Manufacturing

Exploring the implementation of ELSE-ware as a central system for managing cloud-based hybrid manufacturing processes for the experimental manufacturing workflows

for Automated
Design Processes

Develop and implement CAD-to-Robotics solutions that automate design processes, from initial concept to ready-to-manufacture files, reducing time-to-market and enhancing manufacturing flexibility

AI Digital Twins
for Agile

Utilize ELSE-ware to create and manage digital twins, offering virtual replicas of physical assets for detailed simulation and analysis. This aids in predicting potential issues, optimizing manufacturing processes, and reducing prototyping costs

Integration with
PDM Systems

Enhance Product Data Management (PDM) systems, enabling a more comprehensive and detailed management of product data throughout the lifecycle, from design to disposal

AI for Quality
Control Systems

fully digital, real-time traceable and transparent, guaranteed by blockchain technology and optimised for 100% trustworthy, on-demand, individualised service delivery

ROBOshoe & ROBOshop 2017-2019

Together with ELSE Corp, ATOMLab, the research laboratory of ATOM that develops innovative technologies and projects for new methods of production, and Shoemaster®, a company that is part of the ATOM Group, developed an updated Industry 4.0 project: RoboShop the shop-factory of the future where the experience of buying and personalization merges with the possibility to witness live, the production of a customer’s shoes.



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