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Inspire Transformation,Virtual Retail and 3D Retail Revolution

We participated in the Forum Retail 2018, an event that attracts the entire Retailer Community in Italy on the 29th and 30th of November, in Milan. The 18th edition was focused on the theme of Inspire Transformation to reflect on the need for innovation, technology and originality that can distinguish retailers from their competitors and that can help them become the leaders in their field of reference.

We took part in the event within the Entertainment Area to showcase our 3D Retail Revolution & our vision for the Fashion Store of the Future, a space dedicated to discover how Fashion Retail will evolve in the era of Virtual Retail, 3D Commerce and Artificial Intelligence. 

A real 3D Revolution that is already transforming the entire Retail sector and the current vision of the concept of fashion.

ELSE Corp at Forum Retail

photos from the EVENT

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