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A vision for the future of virtual fashion shopping

Featuring cutting edge technologies and 3d printed elements to enhance the product customisation experience in fashion retail

Tecnology Hub Milan 2016 ELSE Corp

ELSE Corp introduced the public for the first time to their innovative vision of the future of Virtual Fashion Shopping at Technology Hub Milan 2016. Situated in the Fashion and Footwear Demonstration Area, the company successfully peaked the interest of potential customers and partners, gathering excited feedback and new ideas for improvement of its services and features. The company showcased an interactive installation and videos that elaborated on the evolution of E.L.S.E., Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience, ELSE Corp’s virtual commerce & virtual shopping SaaS platform, integrable into brands’ and/or retailers’ environments, to enable them in selling virtually customisable, made-to-order, industrial made-to-measure produced fashion products.

Watch the videos below

The video below highlights the importance of immersive experiences during the product customisation process.

"Discover Your Dream Wedding Shoes" is a short video that told the story of the journey of a bride-to-be, customising with the help of a 3D product configurator, her perfect pair of wedding shoes, with the finishing touch: a beautiful memory eternalised and transformed from a 2d image to a 3d printed accessory to be placed on her shoe.

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