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3D - to - ML​ is a service to provide solutions to different problems and products by generating synthetic data and simulated environments.

the 3D-to-ml provides

  • 2D and 3D annotated data for object detection, classification and segmentation

  • Simulated environments for reinforcement learning environments for robotic solutions.

  • 3D synthetic data for training of AI solutions

Synthetic data made easy

To enable companies to use AI which otherwise would require highly skilled experts and big data..

  • Be able to compete with high tech companies

  • Provide their own AI solutions and VIP services for their customers

  • Have better, easier to use and more accurate AI solutions

  • Be more independent and less costly development

3d-to-ml benefits

Cost effective solution

Preserves the privacy of the company

Relief of expert's requirements

Cloud / Local solution

Friendly solution for non-technical people

Ready for industry 4.0

The phases of product operation differ depending on the customer needs. The phases can be divided in:

Complete intelligent solution as product

Data as product

phases for complete intelligent solution


Generation of data and annotation


Machine learning

Definition of product variation


phases for DATA 


Generation of data and annotation



Design - CAD


Machine Learning

Deployment (Cloud / Local / EDGE)


Assets for own solution

Full online application

Full offline application

Software solution

Hardware solution


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